Presentation Guidelines

Instructions for Oral Presentations

The length of oral presentations at the (-) must be 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The paper must be presented by either the author or a co-author. These oral presentations must be given using a laptop or the equipment (which may be a desktop or a laptop) that will be provided in the session hall on the conference day. To deliver their presentation, presenters will have access to a device with a Windows OS and MS Powerpoint. On the day of the presentation, presenters are kindly asked to bring their own laptops (if they prefer to bring their own) or pen drives holding their presentations to the session hall. Presenters will receive help from an (-) volunteer with uploading, setting up, and projecting their presentations.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

All presenters of posters are asked to pay attention to the following requirements. Each poster may not exceed the maximum dimensions of 36 inches wide by 48 inches high, or 3 feet by 4 feet. Presenters are asked to provide their own copies of the posters they are presenting. It is strongly advised that presenters erect their own posters the morning of the poster presentation before the opening ceremony and take them down at the conclusion of the event. During the poster session, the author or a co-author must be accessible for a conversation regarding their poster. The main Conference Hall at the conference site will house all of the posters.

Instructions for Virtual Presentations

Those presenters who are unable to attend the conference in person might choose to participate virtually by streaming their talks online. Please take note of the following instructions if you want to deliver your presentations virtually. All presentations will occur as scheduled on the day of the conference, regardless of whether they will be given live online or in person. There will be a 15-minute time limit for each online presenter. There will be five minutes set out for questions and answers. Presenters have the option of pre-recording or live-streaming their talks. In either case, presenters must communicate their decision to the session chairs well in advance of the conference. Individual Zoom links will be emailed to presenters who have indicated their willingness to provide virtual presentations to their registered email addresses. Each online presenter will receive a different Zoom link, and these links cannot be shared. Online presenters are recommended to use the Zoom Test Platform to test their audio and video (devices, cameras, and microphones) before their presentations to prevent delays brought on by potential technical issues. For the benefit of all conference attendees who will be viewing the online presentations, it is suggested that online presenters make sure to share any slides or papers that they may wish to use to further explain their claims throughout their presentations. If online presenters need help with logging in (to Zoom), setting up audio and video, or sharing presentation documents and Powerpoints, an (-) Session Moderator will be happy to help. Following the conclusion of each presentation, the session chair will gather audience questions and forward them to the online presenters so they can respond and provide clarification. A minimum of 30 minutes prior to their scheduled presentations, all online presenters are asked to log in to their individual Zoom platforms (using the links provided to them).