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  • Interdisciplinary

    Human Rights

  • Engineering

    Forestry Energy Engineering Nanotechnology Military Chemical Engineering Computer software and applications,Electronics and Communication Engineering,Engineering Chemistry,Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Life Science Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Systems Engineering

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    Business Banking and finance Economics

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    Agricultural Aquaculture Waste Management Earth Science Meteorology Environmental Engineering Archaeology,Agriculture,Aquaculture,Astronomy,Biodiversity,Biology,Chemistry,Discourse,Earth Sciences,Ecology,Environment,Genetics,GIS,Meteorology,Oceanography,Physics,Soil,Waste Management,Water

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    Social Sciences,Sociology English Anthropology

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    Gerontology Alternative Health,Health,Nutrition and Dietetics,Public Health Surgery Dermatology Alternative Health Pharmacy

  • Business,Social

    Banking and finance,Business,Business Ethics,Social Sciences

  • Life Sciences

  • Engineering,Business,Life-Sciences

    Information Technology,Life Science Engineering,Management,Earth Sciences,Genetics,Meteorology

  • Social,Interdisciplinary

    Art History,History,Social Sciences,Sociology,Human Rights

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The primary objective of the Research Society is to act as a buffer for the millions of young students, researchers, scholars, scientists and academicians across the country, belonging to the fields of engineering and technology. Right from organizing conferences and facilitating the publishing of promising research papers to the nurturing of young minds by aiding the spread of critical knowledge, the Research Society is at the forefront of all these activities! One of the aims of the Research Society is to bridge the gap between the establishment and young researchers, scholars who are looking to expand their knowledge base, spread awareness of their extraordinary research work, and further their career prospects. Whether it is a Scopus Conference, Springer Conference or IEEE Conference, the Research Society is engaged in publishing promising research papers by talented Indians at all these conferences and journals. The Research Society has also helped kickstart the careers of many talented and highly successful Indian scholars and academicians by providing critical funding for their projects. In short, the Research Society serves to elevate the state of India's research and development activities in engineering and technology, to the number one position in the world!


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